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When choosing a payment processor, should you go with a small company or a big one?


The benefits of a big, well-known credit card processing company are that it has all the security, features, products, and benefits that you might want, but at the cost of you being just one of thousands of customers struggling to get the help you need.


With a small processor, it might be easier to reach your salesperson, but what if you urgently need help at 2 AM on Sunday morning? Will they be there for you? Maybe not.


With CardConnect you get the best of both worlds.


Big: CardConnect LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of industry-leader First Data Corporation, which is in turn, part of the Fiserv family of worldwide financial service companies (NASDAQ: FISV). This means 24/7/365 customer service, a wide selection of products and services, in-depth technical support, and more.


Small: CardConnect SCal is an independent sales office of CardConnect LLC. You’ll be assigned an individual agent that will remain with you for the life of the account. We’ll personally walk you through the initial setup of your account and the deployment and installation of your equipment. After you’re up and running, for routine issues you’ll contact First Data Merchant Service’s 24/7 call center. If you need more personalized help, then your dedicated agent will be there for you.

That's like having your cake and eating it too!

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